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Guess What: MSM Still Not Covering Benghazi Scandal That Left Four Americans Dead (Here's the Evidence)


Last week, prior to Hurricane Sandy, the father of slain Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods made an emotional and public plea as he questioned why no one -- particularly the administration -- came to the aid of his son and other Americans at the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi when they repeatedly requested help after coming under siege by pro-al Qaeda militants. Of course, that is just one component of what has become a tangled web of discrepancies, contradictions, and what many believe to be bald-faced lies perpetuated by the Obama administration in an attempt to cover-up what really happened during the terror attack that took four American lives.

To assess just how important this now full-blown scandal is to the mainstream media, TheBlaze reviewed the front pages of the most prominent networks and newspapers last Friday, and lo, the only two outlets to cover the Libya story was Fox News and TheBlaze.

Now, of course, Hurricane Sandy has taken front and center, but that does not mean the Libya-debacle has gone away or lost its import. In fact, new information surfaced Wednesday night revealing that a secret cable was sent warning that the U.S. diplomatic compound and annex in Benghazi was unprepared in the event of a security breach. The cable was generated by the American consulate and addressed to the Office of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to Fox News.

Still, the mainstream media has remained mum. To illustrate, please review the following front-page and political-page screenshots of mainstream media outlets taken Thursday early afternoon.

Because Hurricane Sandy has occupied much of the day's coverage, in fairness, TheBlaze also took images of certain news sites' "political pages" as well. Oddly, those were also devoid of any reference to Benghazi.














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