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SNL: Christie Hates Having to Vote for Romney Now, Bloomberg Says Obese New Yorkers Would Have Been Floating Down the River Without Soda Ban

Image source: NBC

Image source: NBC

Saturday Night Live's Chris Christie and Michael Bloomberg each gave post-Hurricane Sandy news conferences, with the New Jersey governor lamenting that he's pledged his vote to Mitt Romney and the New York City mayor touting the importance of the city's large soda ban during the storm.

Bloomberg, accompanied by his "pizzazz"-filled sign-language interpreter, said in a message to President Barack Obama that he endorsed him for re-election but if he dares show up to the city with his traffic-blocking motorcade, "I will have you arrested."

He said of the soda ban: "Had it not been in place you would have seen many obese New Yorkers floating helplessly down the Hudson River."

And later, "I know these are trying times but I beg all New Yorkers to try and not seek comfort in trans fats."

When it was Christie's turn at the podium, he heaped praise on Obama for his actions in the storm's aftermath.

"On Election Day I'm voting for Mitt Romney, but if I had to pick one guy to have my back in a crisis it would be Barack Obama," he said. "He's been amazing, so kind, such a leader, such a true inspiration. I'll be a good soldier, I'll vote for Romney but I'm going to hate it!"

Watch below, via NBC:

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