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Bill O'Reilly 'a bit disappointed' in Obama


On his website Fox News' Bill O'Reilly posted an open letter to President Obama. In it, O'Reilly essentially says what he says on his show: He wants Obama to look out for "the folks."

From O'Reilly's letter:

... I hope you will consider some suggestions from a citizen who's a bit disappointed in your overall performance. Please understand that I am not looking at this from an ideological perspective, rather from a sports point-of-view.

I want American leadership to win the game. That means improving the economy, bolstering protection for the folks, and running an honest operation from the White House. At this point in history, that's what winning means to me. ...

In closing, congratulations on your victory. You and your guy Axelrod designed a campaign that Romney's Boston boys could not match. But that's not what's important now. Fixing the economy is.

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