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Did Rush Limbaugh call Chris Christie gay?


Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker may be seeing something nobody else saw at the time or something that was never there.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh criticized New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie last week for publicly praising President Obama and his administration's handling of the Sandy storm relief effort. Limbaugh said Christie was acting as Obama's "Greek column" heading into the election.

In her Wednesday column, Parker interpreted Limbaugh's remarks:

Obama and Christie suddenly were having a “bromance.” Notably, Rush Limbaugh referred to Christie as Obama’s “Greek column” and questioned their “man-love.” Could his insinuation be any more clear?

Parker is tying Ancient Greece and the word "man-love" together apparently to demonstrate that Limbaugh was calling Christie gay (tongue-in-cheek or otherwise).

Parker doesn't answer her own insinuation in the column but a quick Google search shows that only two other relatively obsure blogs interpreted Limbaugh's remarks in that way.

We've emailed to be sure that's what she was getting at and will update if she responds.

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