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Stay Calm! Here are the Biggest Democrat Freak Outs From Bush's 2004 Re-Election Victory


"I'm not confident that the election in Ohio was fairly decided..."

Conservatives, you think your world is ending? Check out how the left reacted just eight years ago when George Bush won re-election.  End of the world seemed pretty close.



These celebrities all declared that they would leave the country if Bush was victorious.

 Alec Baldwin (although he later denied it):

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Eddie Vedder:

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 Robert Altman:

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Johnny Depp followed through and now lives in France.  Here is a picture of him at his home there:

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2.  No, seriously, Canada's immigration requests spiked by a factor of six after Bush's victory

A new border with Canada was drawn by some on the left:

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 Canadian immigration website almost crashed the day after the election:

"The Canadian immigration Web site had 179,000 visitors Wednesday —six times its usual traffic—the vast majority of which came from the United States."


Please consider this passage from the article "Flight Not Fight" on Alternet:

"A recent letter to AlterNet columnist Auntie Establishment generated quite a buzz. The letter, from a reader identified as 'Packing My Bags in Pennsylvania,' asked Auntie what she thought about people abandoning the United States for more politically prosperous horizons. Said Packing, "I'm seriously considering escaping across the border and moving to Mexico or Canada."

E-mails came pouring in from people who are also seriously considering leaving the United States for Canada or other parts of the world in an effort to escape the claw-like grip of the Bush administration. While Auntie urged people to stay and fight, some felt that was asking too much. Things were going to get worse before they got better, many seemed to feel. Why stay on a sinking ship?"

3. Democrat's Declared 'massive' GOP voter fraud & said the election was 'stolen'

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 DNC Chairman Howard Dean said this in an article published directly after the election:

"I'm not confident that the election in Ohio was fairly decided... We know that there was substantial voter suppression, and the machines were not reliable. It should not be a surprise that the Republicans are willing to do things that are unethical to manipulate elections. That's what we suspect has happened."


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 Robert Kennedy declared in a HUGE Rolling Stone article entitled "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?":

"The mounting evidence that Republicans employed broad, methodical and illegal tactics in the 2004 election should raise serious alarms among news organizations."


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Congressman John Conyers blamed a media cover-up that shielded the people from being "up in arms":

''We've got a media that uses its bullhorn in reverse -- to turn down the volume on this outrage rather than turning it up. That's why our citizens are not up in arms.''

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Even Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry got in on it:

 ''I think there are clearly states where it is questionable whether everybody's vote is being counted, whether everybody is being given the opportunity to register and to vote.  'There are clearly barriers in too many places to the ability of people to exercise their full franchise. For that to be happening in the United States of America today is disgraceful.''


But the best nuggets are found in Keith Olberman's conspiracy theory-laced diatribe after the election:


 4. When GOP victory was inevitable, blame it on terrorism!


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Professor  wrote an article a day after the election entitled: Terrorism, not values, drove Bush's re-election. In it they argued that the topic of terrorism and inspiring fear in the voter is what hurt Kerry.  Summing up:

 "So, if you want to understand why Bush was re-elected, stop obsessing about the morality gap and start looking at the terrorism gap."

5. Inconsolable weeping when viewing this:


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6.  The Left Blamed their weak field

Kinda do feel bad for Democrats here:

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7. The Media called 60 million Americans 'dumb' & 'psychos'


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According to the Denver Post:

"If the country votes for Bush, then 51 percent of the people in this country are psychos," one Colorado resident told the Denver Post"


8. And they Got ready to protest like mad

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BONUS: sweet billboards

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So when it's all over, realize there are no permanent victories in politics, just permanent battles.  And ... stay calm.


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