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Don't Freak Out Over Twinkie's Demise - Make Your Own! One Blaze Writer's D-I-Y Twinkies

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As the media stoked the fear fires over the closing of Hostess Bakeries (Hostess is the company that gave us the Twinkie, Wonder Bread, and other delicious baked goods), some people have decided not to accept the reality that America may soon be a Twinkie-free country.

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When faced with this snack cake crisis, Americans are looking inward and focusing on self-reliance rather than face a Twinkie-less future. If the Twinkie becomes extinct, it is only because we were too lazy to save it. While the company appears to be going away for good, the recipe for the Twinkie is available online. As a member of TheBlaze foodie crew, this writer is trying to lead the way to Twinkie self-sufficiency. That's right-- I decided to make my own yellow sponge cake treats.

Thanks to Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Recipes and a short but very instructive video, my confidence was high.  After a quick trip to the supermarket, the ingredients were assembled and we were on our way.

Below is a (very rough) video showing some of the process and the final results:

If you would like to learn from Mr. Wilbur himself, his video is here:

(H/T Todd Wilbur)

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