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Ohio College Actually Said 'Men Working' Sign Was Too Offensive to Display


"We stand by our commitment to providing an environment that is inclusive and non-discriminatory"

(Photo: AP via Fox News)

(Photo: AP via Fox News)

There are few who want a return to the days when women were treated as amusing diversions better suited to cooking dinner than contributing to the workforce.  Some, however, seem to believe that we are just a step away from such a place, and any minor incident could see women tumble back decades if we are not constantly on the alert.

Following an election where the alleged "War on Women" was a major incentive to vote for a number of citizens, an Ohio community college asked a construction crew to remove the common "Men Working" sign after an administrator reportedly found it sexist and non-inclusive.

Fox News' Ted Starnes has more:

The construction crew at Sinclair Community College in Dayton was forced to stop working until the sign had been removed.

A spokesman for the college told Fox News that they have a deep commitment to diversity and take it quite seriously.

“While it may not have been necessary to suggest work be stopped, we stand by our commitment to providing an environment that is inclusive and non-discriminatory,” director of public information Adam Murka told Fox News.

The controversy started when a female employee took issue with the “Men at Work” sign. Murka said the employee suggested several alternative phrases to the hard hats – including “construction zone.”

He said the construction worker complied with the college’s demands and removed the sign. At this point it’s unclear what the wording of the replacement sign will be.

Commenters are both amused and startled that a construction team would actually have to remove a sign for a grievance that would once be limited to a liberal arts classroom and people who have never had jobs.  But is this just another adaptation of the language, like the shift from "stewardesses" to "flight attendants"?

One Fox News commenter joked about the next step:  "Men and Women restrooms seems divisive fact, 'no dogs allowed' seems unfair to everyone except the cat."



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