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Dem Rep. From Texas: 'No' To Arming Teachers...But 'Yes' to Motorized Steel Walls At Schools


"We're sophisticated enough to build schools with that kind of technology."

As VP Joe Biden takes the helm of the President's gun control initiative, Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has been talking to her constituents about how she would make schools safer.

Despite being elected to serve people in a state where Gov. Rick Perry supports allowing local school districts to decide if teachers and school administrators will be allowed to carry firearms on school grounds, the Representative leans more towards protecting pupils by outfitting schools more like a prison. She believes that protecting the kids would be better handled with bullet-proof windows and mechanized metal walls and doors that would automatically close when trouble is detected.

On Monday, Congresswoman Lee appeared on KPFT (a Houston public radio station) and explained her thoughts on allowing teachers to bring firearms into the classroom:

I cannot, at this juncture, believe that arming teachers... or that teachers would want to be armed... is going to be the answer for a place that is a refuge for learning, for creativity, for solace, for happiness for our children.

Rep. Jackson-Lee also shared how she would earmark funds from a recently approved bond issue to accomplish the "prison-inzation" (this author's term) of the school.

(Note: The Congresswoman incorrectly states that Lanza used an automatic weapon -- "he shot his way into the school with an automatic weapon." The killer did shoot through a glass door, but there have been no reports that he had a fully automatic weapon, just a semi-automatic rifle.)

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