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UPDATED: With No House Vote, Will The U.S. Go Over 'Fiscal Cliff' at Midnight?


Happy New Year!

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The House said today that it would have one vote tonight and that it would not be on the “fiscal cliff,” a year-end combination of tax increases and heavy spending cuts, CNBC reports.

House leaders said last week during a last-minute meeting that it was up to the Senate to produce legislation that both chambers could agree on.

That Senate has failed produce ​anything. This means that it is almost certain that we will go over the "cliff" tonight:

Happy New Year!

UPDATE: But wait! Here's some clarification from Brendan Buck, Press Secretary for House Speaker John Boehner:

Also, according to the National Review's Robert Costa, a few "trusted sources say all sides, at top levels, know this gets done Jan 1 evening at the earliest, more likely Jan 2."

Lastly, per CBS News' Mark Knoller, House members are being asked to keep close to the Capitol Building in case "any additional votes arise":

UPDATE(S) II: MSNBC's Chuck Todd explains where the Senate stands in negotiations:

Now the Wall Street Journal reports that a deal has "largely" been reached:

However, word is out (as Sen. Harry Reid would say) that there are a number of Democrats who are not on board with deal Sen. Kyle is talking about:

UPDATE III: Well, that didn't take long:

As of this writing, the Senate is waiting on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Vice President Joe Biden to broker an agreement. Reports claim a handful of Senate Democrats are unhappy with the package the two are working working out. UPDATE IV: Reports are coming in that a deal has been struck between the White House and Senate Republicans:

"The House is expected to begin considering the bill Tuesday with final passage in the next day or two," writes the Washington Post's Felicia Sonmez. "A vote on the package could be held by 10:30 p.m," she adds. "[White House] officials gave in on estate tax." According to initial reports, the final deal will also delay the automatic spending cuts (i.e. the "sequester").

Reports also note, along with GOP leaders, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have signed off on the deal.

Click here to read more about the ongoing negotiations between the White House and Senate Republicans.

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