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Awesome: Hollywood numbskull says Obama is 'our boss


Actor and Obama Super Fan Chris Rock has another lesson to teach us. So far, we've learned that guns are bad and that the first African-American president is actually white.  (Who knew?!)

Well boys and girls, in today's lesson we learn that President Obama isn't actually a public servant who answers to the people, but rather he's our boss and we apparently answer to him.

During a Capitol Hill press conference on gun control today, Rock voiced his support for President Obama's plan and encouraged everyone else to fall in line.

"The President of the United States is, you know, our boss, but he's also you know... The President and the First Lady are like the mom and the dad of the country, and when your dad says something you listen. If you don't, it kind of bites you in the ass later on," he said.


Rock joined other Hollywood celebs in Washington today for the pro-gun control event, including singer Tony Bennett, actress Amanda Peet, and actor Adam Scott.  (Say it ain't so, Ben Wyatt.)

In any event, I don't think Rock's rhetoric will have its desired impact.  Let me first note that I love my parents dearly.  Like most parents, they've tried to get my siblings and me to listen and do as we're told for our entire lives and they've only managed marginal success.  What makes Rock think I'd really be more inclined to listen to anything Obama has to say?

H/T to Charlie Spiering who also reminds us that as a comedian, Rock made a name for himself in trashing President George W. Bush as "the worst f*****g president ever."

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