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Racist American Tool': The Left Hurls Insults at Glenn Beck After Falling for Parody Site's Fake Story


​​​"what an idiot this guy is!"

Glenn Beck (File Photo)

The Daily Currant strikes again -- this time with a fake story about Glenn Beck. Despite the fact that the headline and copy of the story were both obviously satirical in nature, several people still fell for it and quickly attacked Beck as an ignorant "Islamaphobe" and "racist."

"Glenn Beck Calls 911 After Accidentally Eating Halal Pizza," the headline reads.

The story is even more ridiculous than the headline. Here's a partial transcript of the completely made up "911 call" from Beck:

911: Hello this 911. What is your emergency?

Glenn Beck: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Hello? Hello?

911: Hello sir what is your emergency?

Glenn Beck: Yes I think I might have been poisoned. Oh my god, please help. Please.

911: Okay calm down. How do you think you've been poisoned?

Glenn Beck: Pizza. I ate a pizza that I shouldn't have eaten.

911: Okay, so you think you have food poisoning then?

Glenn Beck: Yes ma'am.

911: Do you have any signs and symptoms? Any vomiting? Nausea? Diarrhea?


Glenn Beck: No no. It's just...I don't trust the place that it came from.

911: Okay sir where did you get the pizza?

Glenn Beck: Its was from Mazaras in Fort Worth

911: Oh Mazaras? I love that place. Great sauce.

Glenn Beck: Oh yeah? Well did you know that it's run by Muslims?

911: I did not know that sir. Is that relevant to your problem though?

Glenn Beck: Relevant? Ha! That is the problem. You don't know what Muslims put in food they prepare for Christians. No one does.

911: Okay...

And so the outrage began.

As Mediaite's Andrew Kirell points out, "One cannot expect non-reporter Internet folk to do their due diligence when tweeting or Facebook-liking an article, but the reaction from people fooled by the satire is noteworthy."

Kirell also caught one commenter taking the story way too seriously on the Daily Currant's website:

(Screen shot via Mediaite)

The Daily Currant certainly isn't upset about the publicity that these incidents bring. Just today, the site fooled Washington Post contributor Suzi Parker into thinking Sarah Palin was joining Al Jazeera America. Further, the parody site recently duped readers with stories about Ann Coulter refusing to get on a flight because of a black pilot and Bill O'Reilly assaulting a mall Santa.

The lesson here is: Don't believe everything you read.

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