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How would you respond to this anti-NRA, anti-gun letter? (Yes, it's an essay contest, with prizes.)


This letter is making the rounds on the Internet. While we have not been able to locate the person who first received it, we feel the need to share it.

Caption: Facebook

In case you cannot see the picture, the letter reads like this;

Hello neighbor,

It has come to my attention that on the back of your black Jeep Cherokee you have an NRA “Life Member” sticker. For it is your right to express your opinions openly I do not appreciate the fact that I live in a neighborhood with a lunatic who owns guns! We’re supposed to live in a safe Christian neighborhood, and we don’t need some redneck hillbilly nut living here!

So I ask you please, to get rid of your guns and remove your NRA sticker for my children and everyone’s children and turn to God for guidance!

Thank you,

A caring neighbor

The text of that letter sparked discussions among TheBlaze edit staff. What would we do if that note appeared on any of our windshields?

A friend of TheBlaze, talk radio host Steve Cochran beat us to the punch and sent his response.

Image: WIND - AM 560


Got your note.

I suppose we could make a deal.  I give up my 2nd Amendment rights in exchange for you giving up your right to Freedom of Speech.

Meanwhile as a Christian might I suggest you read a little book we call The Bible.  There's a lot in there about being judgemental and loving your neighbor that would do you good.

See you at the block party.

All the best,

Your lunatic redneck hillbilly nutty neighbor

How would you respond?

Post your reply in the comments section below and TheBlaze editorial staff will select the three best answers (100 words of less, please) and publish them on Thursday morning. But wait, there's more!

The top three responses will receive the new t-shirt from's 1791 clothing line.

Image: 1791 Clothing


What are you waiting for?  Start writing!

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