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Real News': Update on the Gun Control Fight in State Legislatures


A Colorado State Senator made national news last month when commenting publicly on his criticism regarding the effectiveness of guns for a woman's defense against rape. The comments came while arguing for increased gun control measures, measures that cleared another hurdle Monday by passing the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Colorado gun control overhaul is heading for a floor vote later this week, and includes a bill that would hold manufacturers and gun sellers liable if they “negligently entrusted” an assault-style weapon to someone whom they should have “reasonably” known would use it to cause harm. Conservatives consider the Colorado legislation only the latest in a string of reactionary gun control proposals to have passed or been pushed from New York to Maryland to Washington State, following a year that included several well-publicized instances of gun violence.

On "Real News" Tuesday the panel discussed if progressives still approach the issue of gun control with reasonable standards, updated on the activity of gun control proposals working their way through states in 2013, and analyzed where the federal government stands on reforming gun laws.

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