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Watch the Fake North Korean Propaganda Video That Hysterically Depicts U.S. as Murderous Dystopian Wasteland


​"Drinking coffee made from snow, and living in tents and buying guns to kill each other -- especially children."

Americans sitting on "body bags" (YouTube)

An alleged propaganda video out of North Korea depicts America as a dangerous dystopia where citizens buy guns to "kill each other," the streets are piled high with body bags and people are forced to eat birds to survive.

"This is Americans live today," a narrator says in the video, according to an English translation. "Drinking coffee made from snow, and living in tents and buying guns to kill each other -- especially children."

The narrator follows up with the fact that "some people complain about the guns" that are killing everyone in the streets.

"Americans" sitting by "body bags" (YouTube)

Man waits for heroin in "America" (YouTube)

"American" and Green Bay Packer fan lives in a tent in dystopian American society (YouTube)

No birds in the trees because "Americans" ate them all (YouTube)

Attention is then focused on the apparent lack of birds in the trees, which the narrator notes is due to the fact that Americans living in tents have killed and eaten them in order to survive. And of course people are addicted to heroin and drink coffee made of snow in this made-up version of America.

Though American houses "blow down very easily," the American Red Cross offers materials graciously provided by North Korea to help Americans struggling through unthinkable poverty, the narrator claims.

The narrator also notices how Americans have sneakily "disguised" certain parts of the county to look like foreign countries Europe.

Additionally, a "former Republican candidate from Oregon" makes a cameo to display just how far the nation had fallen. He is forced to get coffee made of snow from trucks.

"They are very grateful to their government for these handouts," the narrator adds.

The video's authenticity has not been confirmed at this point and some are calling the video a hoax. It's also not clear whether the video, posted on Chinese website Ifeng, actually originated out of North Korea. Either way, it's a pretty entertaining video.


UPDATE: Confirming the suspicions of many, the Huffington Post reports the video above is indeed a hoax.

The man behind the farce? British travel writer Alun Hill, who doesn't speak a word of Korean.

Hill told The Huffington Post over the phone Wednesday that he received the original video from North Korea's official Korean Central News Agency, which said it depicts the failure of European democracy.

(H/T: The Sun)

This story has been updated.

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