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Limbaugh Savages Obama in Rare TV Interview: He Is 'Relishing the Opportunity to Put Into Play What the Leftists Have Only Dreamed About in Faculty Lounges

• Plus: The Republicans Limbaugh "admires"• "The truth is never presented in the mainstream media."• "There's a battle for the [Republican] Party going on."

(Screengrab via Fox News)

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh sees a "battle" for the Republican Party happening right now between "mainstream" Republicans and true conservatives who rely on principle over politics. Meanwhile, he says that President Barack Obama is "relishing the opportunity to put into play what the leftists have only dreamed about in faculty lounges for 50 to 75 years."

"I mean -- there's a battle for the [Republican] party going on," Limbaugh told Greta Van Susteren in a rare and wide-ranging TV interview. "And sure, it -- it's -- it would be a tough battle. But there's no other option. I mean you don’t want to go third party.  That's just -- that -- that just ensures the Democrats are a majority party forever.  You don't want to do that."

So what's the solution, according to Limbaugh?

"[Y]ou have to do what you can to work within the Republican Party and take it over," he said.

(Fox News)

When asked about who he admires within Republican politics, Limbaugh named Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. However, he also said he respects all politicians who are "fearless and have the courage of their convictions and have no compunction about saying it."

The undisputed king of talk radio said the Democrats -- with the help of media -- are working tirelessly to destroy the reputations of those who identify with the Tea Party.

"It's a never-ending battle," he reflected.

Limbaugh also blasted the "slavish media" that is helping Obama further his political agenda.

"He can say whatever he wants and he's not getting called on it by the media.  He can do pretty much everything he wants," he explained. "I should add -- I should have added in my previous answer to your question that he couldn't get away with any of this without a slavish media, I mean the media doesn't question him, in fact it is on board with his agenda and is trying to help him advance it."

He went on to say the "truth is never presented in the mainstream media, where most of the low information voters think they get what they think they know."

When asked why the media continually gives the president a "pass" on issues that would otherwise damage an administration nationwide, Limbaugh argued that members of the media "agree with him."

"They're him," he added. "They are -- I think they're all part of the elitist New York-Washington-Boston media academic corridor and they think they are Obama.  They think same education, same school, same world view."

That being said, Limbaugh said the liberal media, which had enjoyed a monopoly in the industry before he and Fox News came around, realize there is now competition with the rise of online media and Fox News' domination in cable news.

Limbaugh, of course, discussed the so-called "Limbaugh Theorem," which was covered on TheBlaze earlier on Tuesday.

Watch part one of Limbaugh's "On the Record" interview below:

[fnvideo content_id=2575644493001]

On President Obama, the radio host said he "thinks" the president likes his job and is "relishing the opportunity to put into play what the leftists have only dreamed about in faculty lounges for 50 to 75 years."

"I think he’s thrilled with the opportunity he has to transform America and move it away from this unjust, immoral way it was founded and make it fair for everybody, I mean -- whatever he’s trying to do," Limbaugh said. "I do think he's probably obsessed and very absorbed with that."

However, he did claim that Obama doesn't like having opposition because it is "beneath him."

Limbaugh also said the Democrats need a "permanent underclass" to hold onto their power.

“Santa Claus is not a cure for poverty. All it is is a way to buy votes," he said. "That’s why Democrats want amnesty. See, the Democrat needs a permanent underclass. They need a certain level of poverty. They need an uneducated, hopeless, unskilled people to vote for them. That’s their base."

Below is part two of the interview:

[fnvideo content_id=2575747980001]

Editor's note: Quotes found in this story are from a transcript of the "On the Record" interview provided to TheBlaze and may be updated for accuracy.


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