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JFK, Conservative on the Glenn Beck radio program


Glenn Beck had author Ira Stoll on his radio program this morning to discuss his new book JFK, Conservative which Blaze Books recently reviewed.

In the interview Ira makes the case to Glenn that JFK was a conservative by any standard, arguing:

...both in today’s world and by the standards of his time, he was a conservative...I mean Eleanor Roosevelt was asked in a 1958 television interview, ‘What would you do if the Democrats nominate a conservative like Kennedy and the Republicans nominated a liberal like Rockefeller?’ She said she hoped it didn’t come to that. The liberals at the time were protesting the Kennedy tax cuts and the escalation in Vietnam. Albert Gore, Sr., the democratic senator from Tennessee who is Bill Clinton’s vice president’s father, denounced the Kennedy tax cut plan as a bonanza for fat cats. John Kenneth Galbraith, the Keynesian Harvard economics professor who was Kennedy’s ambassador to India, goes back and met with Kennedy at the White House – he was for more government spending to stimulate the economy – and he went back to the White House mess after that meeting with Kennedy and he said to his fellow economists, ‘You know what, guys? You’ve won. The president finally told me to shut up about my opposition to the tax cut.’

On the topic of why JFK has been lionized by liberals despite his conservative stances on taxes and Communism, Stoll stated:

Well, that is really a deception…which was perpetrated by two of Kennedy’s more liberal aides: Ted Sorensen, who was so left-wing that he was a conscientious objector in World War II; and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., who would have preferred a ‘President Adlai Stevenson’ and wasn’t even that close to Kennedy when he was alive...The conservatives in the Administration, like Douglas Dillon, the Republican treasury secretary under Kennedy, didn’t write books. And I point out in my book how those Sorensen and Schlesinger books, which were amazingly influential, actually edited out some of the more hawkish lines from Kennedy’s speeches and even changed the chronology to make it look like Kennedy became this raving peacenik in the final months of his life.

For more from the interview, check out the below clip.

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