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GOP strikes back in War on Christmas: 'Happy Holidays is what liberals say

Photo Credit: ShutterStock.com

The National Republican Congressional Committee is reportedly making a killing with sales of this snarky t-shirt, just in time for the Christmas season:

Although Buzzfeed reported that the shirt had been "removed" from the site, the NRCC has corrected the record -- it's sold out.

Want to really annoy a liberal? Say “Merry Christmas.”

On Friday, we unveiled a new Christmas t-shirt at our NRCC Store – “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say.”

You loved the shirt so much, it sold out!

But Liberals all across the internet flipped out and said we were being politically incorrect.

We’re working to get more shirts and products up ASAP. In the meantime we’ve got a “Happy Holidays is What Liberals Say” MUG for you.

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