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A dip into the pool reports: 'hostilities

AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, Pool

AP Photo/Lee Jin-man, Pool

From a White House pool report filed by the New York Times's Mark Landler, who on Saturday was covering Vice President Joe Biden's diplomatic trip in South Korea:

At 2:30, local time, VP Biden, clad in his aviators, brown bomber jacket, and black baseball cap, emerged from his helo and greeted the base commander at Camp Bonifas.

The motorcade departed for the quick drive to Observation Post Ouellette, which sits on a hilltop surrounded by sandbags.

"Welcome to the edge of freedom," a military police guide said to the VP.

"Good to be back," he replied. ...

He was told the Korean People's Army was not "manifesting any hostilities" at that moment. And he was handed a pair of green binoculars to survey the brown landscape [DMZ] across the border.

Biden's trip across Asia concluded with him back in Washington, D.C., Saturday evening.

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