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Rubber Band Machine Gun Shoots 14 Bands Per Second — That's Bound to Hurt More Than the Finger Launch Method


"Rubber band apocalypse is coming!"

There's the finger rubber band shooter method. Then there's the more formal wooden gun rubber band shooter. And then there's the "rubber band machine gun" that shoots 14 bands per second -- yes, per second.


rubber ban machine gun The Rubber Band Machine Gun can shoot 14 bands per second. c

The "rubber band apocalypse is coming!" the Kickstarter crowd-funding site for the heavy-duty rubber band shooter says.

The project, which set out to raise $5,000, has far exceeded its funding goals raising more than $85,500 -- and it still has eight of is 30 funding days.

The rubber band machine gun, made of birch plywood, is run on five AA batteries and shoots 14 bands per second. It's full capacity is 672 bands with a shooting distance of 26 feet.

rubber ban machine gun Image source: Kickstarter

Watch the gun unload its full capacity of rubber band ammo in 47 seconds -- and note the innovative repurposing of floppy discs:

Learn more about the project from its Ukranian creator Alex Shpetniy:

The standard version of the rubber band shooter will set early bird buyers back $85 or $95 for those who also want the "fast charger."

The standard version features unpainted wood but the project creators are offering burnt wood, black and camouflage colors as well.

Check out the project on Kickstarter or Facebook.

(H/T: Daily Mail)



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