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Let a Fed-Up Mother Tell You Why She Bought $567 Worth of T-Shirts She’ll Never Wear


"I stopped dead in my tracks."

A Utah mother was so disgusted by the window display at a local Pac Sun that she bought every last shirt in the display, just so they would no longer be visible until the store got a new shipment. The total cost was $567, according to KUTV.

Hailing from Orem, Judy Cox said she was shopping with her 19-year-old son at the University Mall when she came across the "pornographic" presentation. The shirts are reportedly from Pac Sun's "Visual by Van Styles" collection, which features provocative images of semi-nude women.

"I stopped dead in my tracks. I was really shocked to see them," Cox told KUTV. "...Clearly this was pushing a button. They were trying to make a statement, and I don't think it's appropriate here or anywhere else where children are shopping in a mall."

Some of the images are so explicit, they can't even be shown on television. The blurred image below is from KTVX in Salt Lake City:

Orem resident Judy Cox bought $567 worth of Pac Sun shirts. (Photo: KTVX) Orem resident Judy Cox bought $567 worth of Pac Sun shirts. (Photo: KTVX)

Cox said she doesn't have a problem with the store choosing to sell the shirts, but a public display for anyone passing through the mall is a different matter.

"If the buttocks shows without an opaque covering, it's illegal," she said, referencing Orem City's decency code. "Two of these, they clearly cross that line."

Cox spoke with the store's manager before making the costly purchase, but was politely told there was nothing that could be done without approval from the store's corporate offices.

Orem resident Judy Cox bought $567 worth of Pac Sun shirts after finding the display "pornographic." (Photo: KTVX) Orem resident Judy Cox bought $567 worth of Pac Sun shirts after finding the display "pornographic." (Photo: KTVX)

Cox added for the Daily Herald that while she would like to throw away every single shirt, she'll "let their corporate office figure out what to do with them when [she returns] them on day 59 of a 60-day return policy."

"I would like to see them removed. I'd like to see pornography go away. It harms families. It harms our culture," she said, describing her goal.

The mother added if the store continues presenting the shirts, she'll "go back and buy more." And at this point, she may have to.

A press representative for the store emailed a statement from Pac Sun CEO Gary Schoenfeld to TheBlaze, essentially saying nothing will be changed at the current time.

Read the entire statement, below:

PacSun is proud to be a retailer that supports a unique collective of brands, all of which deliver on the California lifestyle through their individual personalities. Our brands take inspiration from a variety of influences including music, art, fashion and action sports. The result is a creative and diverse expression both in product and marketing.

While customer feedback is important to us, we remain committed to the selection of brands and apparel available in our stores.

More on the story from KTVX in Salt Lake City:


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