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There's a new celebrity magazine dedicated to Pope Francis

Credit: Associated Press

Credit: Associated Press Credit: Associated Press

Is Pope Francis a little glamorous?

Apparently enough to merit an entire magazine devoted to his celebrity, according to the New York Times. It's an new Italian publication called "Il Mio Papa" (My Pope) and the 68-page first edition published Wednesday.

"It’s a sort of fanzine, but of course it can’t be like something you’d do for (boy band) One Direction," Aldo Vitali, editor of the magazine, told the Times.

It even comes with a centerfold of the pope, accompanied by one of his quotes.

Think "US Weekly" but without photos of Francis grocery shopping.

"We don’t want gossip or paparazzi," Vitali said. "We're not going to go after any scoops."

There's a potential snag, however. A Vatican official told the Times that if the magazine publishes "the pope's words," (which it plans to do) he'll try putting it a stop to it.


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