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Ukraine Crisis: 'History repeating itself


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Tonight, TheBlaze will be airing back-to-back specials focused on the crisis in the Ukraine and the impact it could have on America and the globe. First, For The Record will take an investigative look at what is happening on the ground in the Ukraine, followed by The Soviet Story, a documentary that shows the brutal horrors of communism. Why is this programming so important?

"Tonight on For The Record, a special investigation into the crisis in Ukraine. We've been talking about what's happening, but history is really repeating itself and you really need to understand what's happening," Glenn said. "History is repeating itself, and tonight you will see - the Ukraine will connect the dots and show why this is so bad and why we better be very, very careful."

Earlier this week, a For The Record report from September on economic warfare, ignored by the mainstream media, was confirmed by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.

"For The Record is the first thing that we have tried to do on investigative journalism. And it is really difficult to do," Glenn said. "This has been in the works for a long, long time. And quite honestly, it shows you how good our staff is on For The Record because almost every time we have an episode, which had been in production for months...every week, that that happens, you're like, holy cow, that's in the news. I personally think that it is inspired. And I have nothing to do with this. So you know, I can safely say this. I personally think that our staff that does this in Columbus is absolutely inspired," Glenn said.

After For The Record, TheBlaze will air The Soviet Story, a documentary that Glenn described as "scared straight" for communism.

"You learn what communism really...You have your kids watch this and say, 'kids, I want you to understand, there is a growing movement around the world that wants you to choose between fascism and communism.'"

"They are cloaking themselves as freedom. It is not. It is death. And I want to show you the system that Vladimir Putin came from, was trained in, and when it fell, he said, it is the biggest mistake of the 20 th century. The fall of the Soviet Union is the biggest mistake of the 20th century. He didn't give up on it. He just took his uniform off," Glenn said.

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