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The Video That Shows How This Happened Is Surprising -- but Not as Surprising As What May Have Saved the Life of the Woman Nearby


"If I'd walked up to pay for anything, it would have ended differently definitely."

Eighty-year-old diabetic Adrienne Watkins was shopping to satisfy a craving: chocolate.

Watkins was standing at a display in the middle of a CVS in Winter Haven, Fla., on Wednesday when she suddenly backed up to check out a piece of candy at a counter that had caught her eye.

As she bent over to reach for her guilty pleasure, WTSP-TV in Tampa Bay reported, another elderly woman barreled a 2008 Chevy Impala through the store, smashing through the display Watkins had just been standing in front of.

Image source: Surveillance video via W Adrienne Watkins watches as a car smashes through the display she had just been standing in front of. (Image source: Surveillance video via WTVT-TV)

You might say Watkins' chocolate craving saved her life.

"If I'd walked up to pay for anything, it would have ended differently definitely," Watkins, who sustained just cuts and bruises, told WTVT-TV.

Adding to the serendipity was Watkins' realization after she looked at the woman in the car, then sitting in the middle of the store, its wheels still spinning and engine running.

"I thought, 'I know her from somewhere,'" Watkins told WTVT.

The woman behind the wheel was 84-year-old Margaret Underwood, police said, a family friend of Watkins', who said both women were "very concerned" about each other.

Underwood told WTVT she was "absolutely devastated" by the accident and is "as puzzled as anybody else as to how something like this could happen."

Not the drive-thru pharmacy anyone had envisioned. (Image source: W screengrab) Probably not the drive-thru pharmacy anyone had envisioned. (Image source: WTSP-TV)

Police said Underwood dropped off her husband at the CVS and waited for him in the car. When her husband returned, Underwood accidentally backed into a Chevy Suburban. After her husband exited their Impala to check on the condition of the Suburban, Underwood apparently put the car in drive, hit the accelerator and crashed through the store.

CVS associate Stormy Fulcomer ran over after hearing the crash and saw Watkins lying on the floor and heard Underwood's Impala still revving and the wheels still spinning, WTSP-TV reported. Fulcomer assisted both Watkins and Underwood and made sure the vehicle was turned off.

Damage to the store is estimated at $65,000; Underwood was cited for improper backing and careless driving, WTSP reported.

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