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What One Sister Did for Her Twin at the End of a Race Led to a Standing Ovation


"I felt something pull and pop in my thigh."

(Image source: KTVI-TV)

The bonds of sisterhood are strong in this pair.

Twin sisters Chloe and Claire Gruenke, 13-year-old students at West Clinton Middle School, were competing in the Southern Illinois State track meet this past weekend, running the 800-meter together.

Halfway through the race, Chloe collapsed.

"I felt something pull and pop in my thigh and then around the second lap it hurt and I couldn't go anymore and I fell to the ground," Chloe told KTVI-TV.

What happened next earned the twins a standing ovation.

Image source: KTVI-TV Image source: KTVI-TV

Claire hefted her injured twin onto her back and carried her for 370 of the 400 meters remaining in the race.

The pair looked to be exhausted and sobbing as they crossed the finish line, and while they wound up in last place, they earned the applause of the crowd and the satisfaction of a race well run.

"It's about showing compassion, love and sportsmanship," Claire told the local station. "Even if you lose and help somebody it's still worth it."

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