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Liberal Host Declares Culture War Victory While Ripping the PC Twitterverse


"We had a televised, celebrated, interracial gay kiss during the NFL draft. The culture war is over, and we won!"

Bill Maher lashed out at the self-righteously politically correct Internet crowd in a scathing monologue on his HBO show Friday.

"In the 90s, you had to at least get off your a** to be in a fake group with hurt feelings," lamented Maher. "Back then getting worked up over nothing was a lot of work!"

He had strong words in particular for online crusaders shaming anyone who doesn't espouse politically correct views.

"Now it seems like all the Internet exists to do is point at the latest person who said the wrong thing so the rest of us can feel morally superior," Maher said. "Social media is all about 'gotcha.'"

He pointed to the long list of recent social censorship of those who don't toe the line on gay issues: Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson getting suspended over anti-gay remarks, Mozilla's Brendan Eich being forced to resign over prior support of Prop 8, and Miami Dolphins player Don Jones getting fined -- and being sent to sensitivity training -- for tweeting negatively about Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on TV.

"Folks, we had a televised, celebrated, interracial gay kiss during the NFL draft," Maher said. "The culture war is over, and we won!"

Maher noted that in cases like Eich's, people are being punished for past opposition to gay marriage, despite that fact that when Prop 8 passed in 2008 -- with 52 percent of Californians in favor -- even President Obama was still against gay marriage.

"You can't purge everybody who doesn't evolve exactly on the timetable you did," Maher told pro-gay culture warriors.

Watch the segment (content warning: vulgar language used):

(H/T: Mediaite)

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