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Moviegoers Sat Down to Watch a Movie. They Likely Never Expected the Video That Played Next on the Screen.


"I think I would have peed a little."

A group of moviegoers settled into a cinema to watch a film. When you see this video you'll quickly understand how what happened could save their lives — and maybe yours too. 

The PSA, which was posted to YouTube on Sunday, appears to show movie goers receive simultaneously phone calls or messages during the opening scenes of a film in which happy music plays as a person drives a car along a rural road.

When the moviegoers reach to silence or check their phones, the unexpected occurs.

Watch the Startling PSA:

"WATCH THIS NOW," commented one YouTube user.

"I think I would have peed a little," wrote another.

The PSA, was apparently filmed in Hong Kong, China, and crafted by the automaker Volkswagen.

It ended on a somber note:

"Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel," it said.

"A reminder to keep your eyes on the road."

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