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Rush Limbaugh Has a Controversial Theory on the Real Reason Obama Sent Five 'Terrorist' Gitmo Prisoners 'Back to the Battlefield


"It was never about Bergdahl."


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh claimed on Monday that the Obama administration’s real goal in releasing five Taliban commanders in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was to start the process of closing Guantanamo Bay.

“Obama replenished the enemy. I don’t care if it’s Bergdahl Smergdahl or smorgasbord that we traded. It’s a five-to-one deal and we’ve sent five enemy combatants, terrorists, back to the battlefield,” Limbaugh said. “All for the express purpose of what? I’m reading all this stuff that the Regime was totally blindsided by the reaction. They thought they were going to feted. They thought they were going to be heralded. They thought they were gonna get all kinds praise and they were just stunned when the American people didn’t see it this way. That’s why the question: “Is this just incompetence or ignorance, or is it worse?”

He continued: “What it is is closing Gitmo! I think what we’re looking at is somebody who has already expressed a lack of concern for the Constitution, a lack of concern for the separation of powers. We’re looking at somebody who now is aware, the president, that he has two and a half years and it’s time to get it all done.”

Limbaugh also accused the news media of trying to make the story about Bergdahl and his parents, which he says is only a “distraction.”

“It was never about Bergdahl. He’s the excuse. The thing that is noteworthy here is Obama has always wanted to close Guantanamo Bay,” the radio host added.

Listen to the segment via the Daily Rushbo:

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