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The Claim That MSNBC Host Found So Questionable That She Had to Call Out Obama Official on the Air


"It was briefed."


MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell called out State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf on the air Monday after the official compared the Osama bin Laden raid to the Bergdahl swap because both were national security matters that were too sensitive to permit members of Congress to be briefed.

“Let me question you about that, because the bin Laden raid was completely briefed for 11 months,” Mitchell began.

“It was not, actually,” Harf shot back.


“Marie, in fact, that was claimed initially by [former National Security Advisor] Tom Donilon, in fact, in a conference with me a week ago. But since that time, [former acting CIA Director] Mike Morell says that it was completely briefed,” Mitchell said, adding that she also spoke with members of Congress who were briefed on the raid.

“It was briefed,” she added.

Harf argued members of Congress could not be briefed on the Bergdahl swap ahead of time because the soldier’s life could have been at risk if details of the trade leaked.

Watch the rest of the exchange via MSNBC here:

(H/T: Noah Rothman)

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