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NBC's Chuck Todd Took a Look at the Latest Obama Poll Numbers and Came to a Stunning Conclusion: 'The Public Is Saying [Obama's] Presidency Is Over


"This poll is a disaster for the president."

(Source: AP)

"Essentially the public is saying your presidency is over."

That was NBC News reporter Chuck Todd's takeaway from the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that doesn't bode well for President Obama.

"This poll is a disaster for the president,” Todd said on MSNBC on Wednesday.

“You look at the presidency here: lowest job rating-- tied for the lowest; lowest on foreign policy. His administration seen as less competent as the Bush administration, post-Katrina.”

“And then on the issue of do you believe he can still lead? And a majority believe no," he added later. "Essentially the public is saying your presidency is over by saying a number like that."

Watch the video below via the Washington Free Beacon:

Here's NBC's explanation of the poll:

But it shows an American public that has grown dissatisfied with President Obama on foreign policy and national security decisions.

Just 37 percent approve of his handling of foreign policy, which is an all-time low in the survey, while 57 percent disapprove, an all-time high.

What’s more, by a 44 percent-to-30 percent margin, Americans disagree with the Obama administration’s decision to secure the release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five imprisoned Taliban fighters.

And the Journal's:

As clouds gather abroad, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds Mr. Obama’s job approval rating at 41%, matching a previous low. Approval of his handling of foreign policy hit a new low of 37%. Both numbers are driven in part by conflicts largely outside the president’s control, including a new wave of sectarian violence in Iraq.

At the same time, Americans seem to be losing faith in Mr. Obama’s ability to accomplish his goals, with 54% of those polled saying they no longer feel the president “is able to lead the country and get the job done,” compared with the 42% who said he could. And 41% said his administration’s performance has gotten worse over the past year, compared with the 15% who noted improvement.

(H/T: Washington Examiner)

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