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Viral Video of 'the Best First Date' Takes an Unexpected Twist


"She won't expect it at all."

Image source: YouTube

It's a familiar scene: A man puts on his tie and tells his friend about his excitement for his date that day.

"She won't expect it at all," he says of the event he's planned on the back porch.

While this might sound like the beginning of romantic dinner or even a marriage proposal, your first clue that the video, which has nearly 2 million views on YouTube, is its title: "The Best First Date." Your next clue, if you noticed, is that this man already has a wedding ring on his finger.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

The man, Aaron Dickson, heads out the front door, stops and turns right back around to ring the door bell.

Who would answer but this happy face?

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"Wow, you are so beautiful," he exclaimed as the little girl, his daughter Analynne, in a pink dress held up her white shoes to show him.

"Hi, Dad," Analynne said going in for a hug.

"Are you ready … for the date!" she said.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

And to the back porch they go, where dad sits the girl in a chair and they settle into a dinner of cut sandwiches, carrots and strawberries.

Watch the touching video:

But what was all this for? While it was, of course, a touching memory for both daddy and daughter, the short video is promoting the new song "I'm Yours," written by Dickson and Lairs Johnston, which is available for free download.

The song's creators, along with Dan Pritchett, are the co-founders of a Washington-based insurance broker that sends all of its profits to charity.

"We make a commission when you purchase through us, and we give 100 percent of our profits to Compassion International. You’ll receive your bill from the big insurance company, and you simply pay them the premium that you owe," the company, BeCause of Camilitostated on its website.

Camilito is a child from Colombia that Pritchett met through Compassion International.

"Meeting Camilito changed my life. We were total strangers, we spoke different languages, and we had nothing in common except for Jesus Christ, but God used our time together to break my heart for him and countless children just like him waiting to be released from poverty," Pritchett wrote in the story about how BeCause Camilito formed.

"I knew that nothing we could do with the money from our insurance business could be better than seeing kids like Camilito released from poverty, and introduced to our Savior, and I was thrilled my partners felt the same way.

"When I returned home, Aaron, Lairs and I officially agreed to scrap our entire business plan, start something new, and give all our profits away to Compassion International to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name," Pritchett explained.

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