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He Pulled Her Over for Running a Red Light. What He Did Next Have Some Calling Him a 'Hero


"Get out."

Image Source: YouTube

Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer Jason Gates was sitting in his patrol car Friday morning when he spotted a minivan whiz through a red light right in front of him.

With his police dashcam running, Gates pulled the vehicle over. What he saw inside the van began a chain of events that have some hailing him as a "hero," according to a local publication.

police report posted to the Kalamazoo Public Safety blog corroborates the video which depicts Gates begin to administer back blows on the choking female driver shortly after pulling her over.

When those failed to stop the choking, Gates ordered the woman out of the vehicle.

"Get out," Gates instructed the woman. "Come here."

He then began giving her the Heimlich Maneuver which dislodged a "stuck sausage and bun from the females throat" according to the official report.

The video concludes with the woman crying, hugging Gates, and thanking him for saving her life.

(H/T: WZZM13)

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