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Glenn Beck's Theory on the Real Reason Why the U.S. Bombed the Khorasan Group in Syria


"This was a gift to the Iranians."

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program September 30, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck presented a theory Tuesday about why the United States bombed targets from the Khorasan group last week, saying it's possible that the United States did it to help prop up the Iranian government in return for increased cooperation from Iran's leaders.

"It is a theory, but remember, my theory was that you were being lied to in great detail on Benghazi," Beck said on his television program. "I think this is going to fall in the same thing. I have an answer that nobody else does. [But] I want you to know again, it is a theory."

Beck said the theory came together after he read a post on Layman Geopolitics.

The post explains that the Khorasan group has long targeted the Iranian regime, wanting to grab power for itself, so eliminating the group's leaders helped the Iranian regime as much as it did the United States.

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program September 30, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his television program September 30, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"The Iranian government views Khorasan as a massive threat," Beck said. "Let's look at what the [Obama] administration did, suddenly, to include Khorasan as a threat. What happened? What has the administration been trying to accomplish recently?"

"Remember, the president said they are 'organizing' the Middle East," Beck continued. "[Secretary of State] John Kerry made it very clear and said, 'You know what we have to do? We want to work with Iran...' And they didn't rule out the possibility of joint military operations."

Beck said many were perplexed by the administration's willingness to work with Iran, but there may be a reason it is willing to do so.

"The administration desperately sought Iran's partnership against ISIS. They refused. In fact, the head of Iran laughed from the hospital at Secretary of State John Kerry and [President Barack Obama]," Beck said. "What else happened last week? [Iranian] officials were here in New York for negotiations on Tehran's nuclear program. ... Talks were reportedly showing slow with Iran; [they wanted] the Obama administration to show more flexibility. By Friday, after five days of American bombing on this little-known terror cell, hope in a deal suddenly improved."

Beck said that by all accounts -- except for those of the Obama administration -- the Khorasan group is "no bigger of a threat to America than ISIS is."

"In fact, there are many, many threats in the Middle East that are bigger," Beck said. "Several Al Qaeda cells [are] worth striking ahead of Khorasan. Khorasan may not be a threat to the U.S. -- but they are a very big deal to Iran."

"That's what happened," Beck said. "The president extended the olive branch to Iran. We killed their enemy ... This was a gift to the Iranians."

But Beck said President Obama could never admit that we helped the Iranians, and the Iranians could never admit to working with the United States.

"Here's the thing I want you to know: we are never, ever, ever going to win this war if we don't understand a few things," Beck concluded. "One: the enemy of my enemy is not our friend. It doesn't work that way."

Beck said America also has to "reconcile the past" if it ever hopes to understand radical Islamists' goal to recreate a caliphate in the Middle East.

"Sykes-Picot is the root of the problem here," he said. "It's not our wealth, it's not our religion, it's nothing. They want their caliphate, period."

Watch Beck's explanation below.

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