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The connection between Benghazi and the new season of 'Homeland


There have been three episodes of the new season of "Homeland" so far. As the series has shifted towards some action that seems to mirror the Obama administration's foreign policy (the first episode was called "The Drone Queen,") another incident seems to be shaping up on screen that resembles a real world incident —  this time Benghazi.

On TheBlaze's Homeland Recap Podcast, we look at this connection. Spoiler alert - don't keep reading unless you've seen the third episode of season 4:

It was a YouTube video which was originally blamed for the protests that led to the attack on the embassy in Benghazi. Similarly in the first episode of the season we saw a drone strike mistakenly kill an entire wedding party in Pakistan. The YouTube video of the aftermath (where there was one survivor among 50) led to protests around the Middle East. It was the "spontaneous" protest that was the initial explanation for the death of CIA station chief Sandy Bachman. But as Quinn and Carrie discovered in this episode, the "spontaneous" protest wasn't spontaneous at all — they suspect it was orchestrated by Pakistani Intelligence, which was controlling the entire incident. They figured this out after seeing a man with an earpiece in the video of the attack.

How will this play out the rest of the season? Listen to the podcast for more:

Also in the podcast — a new game: "Are They British?" You may be surprised to see just how many people on "Homeland" are British actors playing Americans. Tell us in the comments how many of the 10 you got right.

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