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Guess What Twice as Many Americans Are Saying About Guns Now as Compared to 10 Years Ago

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"Having a gun in the house — safer or more dangerous?"

If you asked Americans that question 10 years ago, the majority would have answered, "More dangerous," but in 2014, the tables have turned.

According to a Gallup poll released Friday, nearly two-thirds of Americans say that having a gun makes a home safer — almost twice the percentage that said guns made homes safer in the year 2000.

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In 2000, a mere 35 percent of Gallup respondents said guns made a home safer, but in the newest poll, 63 percent of respondents said guns boosted home safety.

Chart via Gallup Chart via Gallup

Republicans were more likely to say guns improved home safety than independents or Democrats — though Democrats were the only political group to have a majority say guns made a home less safe — and people in the Midwest and South were more pro-gun than those living on the coasts.

White men were among the most gun-positive groups, though the majority of women and non-white groups also claimed guns kept a home safe.

Chart via Gallup Chart via Gallup

Who actually owns guns? Slightly less than half of the country, with white men again topping the charts and women and non-whites reporting lower rates of gun ownership.

Chart via Gallup Chart via Gallup

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