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Look Closely. Do You See the Figure Standing Next to Jesus in This Church Painting Who Is Angering Some Parishioners?


"He looks like a rabbit before slaughter."

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A painting of Jesus inside of a German church is causing quite a stir, as some parishioners reportedly think that one of the men standing next to the Christian savior looks a lot like Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

According to the Daily Mail, a recent cleaning of the painting at Christus Church in Bavaria — which was first unveiled back in 1939 — shows a man who has similar features to Hitler, including a mustache and parted hair; he's also donning a pair of boots.

But while many are frustrated over the painting, some, like former pastor of the church Martin Goelkel, don't see the piece of art as paying homage to Hitler at all. In fact, he believes the scenario depicted is quite the opposite.

"Some people have called this a Nazi place over the years but I don't think this is true," he told the Daily Mail. "This is no Hitler homage, in my eyes. We find people asking something of Christ, there is someone kneeling before him."

Goelkel said that Hitler, in contrast, is seen standing to the side of Christ and is alone, looking "haughty and arrogant."

"He looks like a rabbit before slaughter," the pastor told the outlet. "He is a man on the edge, an outsider."

While some want the painting — which has apparently never caused a stir in the past — to be removed from its placement near the altar, Goelkel said that he believes the image presents a central challenge to Nazism by showing that Christ trumps all.

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(H/T: Daily Mail)


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