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Buck Sexton, Who Used to Brief President Bush, Says This Is What He Would Say Today


"That could tear Europe asunder."

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TheBlaze's national security adviser Buck Sexton used to brief President George W. Bush during his days at the Central Intelligence Agency, and Glenn Beck asked him on Thursday what he would say if he was in the same role today.

Sexton warned that there are extremist cells in "every western country -- including America -- around the world," and a series of terror attacks like the one suffered at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in France last week could "tear Europe asunder."

"Look at what happened with just those few days of terror in France," Sexton said. "You've seen the rise of some of these far-right elements, and you've also seen jihadism inflamed at the same time. So that could tear Europe asunder. That could be a much bigger problem than I think anybody recognizes right now. We don't know where that goes."

Sexton added that in the United States, "we're just waiting for the next shoe to drop, for the next big attack to hit us."

"I think it's, unfortunately, just a matter of time," Sexton concluded. "[The Islamic States operates] with near impunity, despite the airstrikes, in some areas."

Watch the complete segment, below.

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