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You Live in Fantasy Land': Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck Spar Over Future of Republican Party


"I know you live in fantasy land ... you know Peter Pan personally."

Glenn Beck joined Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on his program Tuesday evening to discuss comments he recently made about leaving the Republican Party.

"I don't believe you're leaving the Republican Party because you like Ted Cruz ... I think he's running as a Republican, Beck. Did anybody break that to you?" O'Reilly asked TheBlaze founder.

Beck offered a rebuttal, saying he would financially support Cruz, but was done with the Republican Party.

“The party right now is attacking people like Ted Cruz,” Beck said. “There are more slings and arrows coming from the Republican Party against Ted Cruz than there is outside the Republican Party.”

The conversation quickly became centered around the future of the GOP.

"You have to deal with what reality is," O'Reilly said.

"I know you live in fantasy land ... you know Peter Pan personally," the Fox News host jokingly added. "I know you do. I've seen you with him!"

Beck fired back.

"You and Karl Rove live in fantasy —," he said.

"I have nothing in common with Karl Rove," O'Reilly quipped in response. "I don't do that kind of stuff."

O'Reilly argued that he was simply making the argument that the GOP establishment has made and Beck agreed that the Fox News host is not a Rove-like figure.

Beck said that he likes Cruz, but is also open to others, such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

The segment was a follow-up from an "O'Reilly Factor" episode last week where Karl Rove skewered Beck for his criticism of the GOP. Beck turned to Facebook and doubled down, saying the Republican establishment has "the spine of a worm, the ethics of whores and the integrity of pirates."

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