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This Music Video Destroys a Fake Cult — and You'll Instantly Recognize the Real-World Group It's Meant to Represent


"...chained to toilet as punishment..."

Image via NBC

They look overjoyed, but a few annotations paint a much darker picture.

The targets: "Neurotology" and "Diametrics," which sound strikingly similar to Scientology and Dianetics.

"Saturday Night Live" lampooned the fake cult in an "updated" music video this week, showing the members of the group cheerfully singing in an early 90s video while notes flash across the screen revealing what had become of the members since the video was shot.

From "lives in a hospital" to "chained to toilet as punishment" to plain old "missing," the video paints a brutal picture of abused cult members — except for a leader or two getting tagged as a "billionaire."

Image via NBC

Watch the clip below:

The clip echoes many of the claims made in the book "Going Clear," which took a look at the inner workings of Scientology, and parallels a Scientology music video featured in the documentary of the same name.

On Twitter, reactions to the "SNL" sketch were resoundingly positive.

At least one person noted that while "SNL" openly mocked the NCAA, the show took a slightly less direct approach to Scientology.

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