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Tense Video Shows the Moment a Man Is Confronted for Flying His Drone on a 'Public Beach': 'You've Been Told


"If you don't ground them, you'll be kicked out."

Image source: YouTube

The guest of an Orange Beach, Alabama, condo had to ground operations after an "emotionally distressed angry man" who said he was an employee confronted him.

Kevin Henderson, the man behind the controls, said another man who was also flying a drone asked him for help while recording his wife and kid running on the beach. But when an employee of the condo where Henderson was staying got wind of what was going on, he went out to take care of it – and things only got uglier from there.

A video uploaded to YouTube on April 2, titled "Emotionally distressed angry man on beach confronts drone pilots," shows the two men arguing about whether it's legal to fly a drone on that specific part of the beach, which the man said his condo owns.

When Henderson told the employee that it is a "public beach," he then said it's "against FAA regulations" to fly there. But Henderson was quick to disagree with him, saying that there are no FAA regulations and that he was flying in "unrestricted airspace."

The alleged employee, however, didn't buy it.

"OK I'll tell you what. If you don't ground them, you'll be kicked out," he told Henderson, who then assured him he wouldn't be flying there again. 

But the man still threatened to call the police. He then showed Henderson the property bounds, pointing to poles sticking up out of the ground that apparently indicate which part of the shoreline is off limits for aerial vehicles.

Henderson admitted in the YouTube video description that if the man was actually an employee of the condo, he does have the right to restrict drones from taking off or landing there. With that much in mind, Henderson told the man he would go fly the drone on the other side of the poles.

But the man didn't seem thrilled about that, either.

"Go ahead. I know you're staying here," he told Henderson as he began to walk away. Henderson asked him his name several times, but the man never gave it.

"Don't worry about it," the worker said. "You've been told not to fly here. I've gotten way too many complaints from these people."

Henderson finally just asked the man if he worked there, to which he responded," Yeah actually I do!"

Asked his name once more, the employee told Henderson, "You'll see me up here. Come on up here."

The employee then made his way back to the condo while reminding Henderson again, "You've been told."

Watch the tense exchange below:

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