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Mitt Romney Reveals 'What It Felt Like' to Lose to Obama, Then Gives Powerful Advice on Failure


"I am asked what it felt like to lose to President Obama."

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivered the commencement address Sunday at Saint Anselm College in Goffstown, New Hampshire — and explained what it felt like to have been defeated by President Barack Obama in 2012.

"I have experienced successes and failures," Romney said. "I am asked what it felt like to lose to President Obama. Well, not as good as winning."

Romney continued, giving the class of graduates a piece of advice on how to handle failure.

"Failures aren't fun, but they are inevitable," he said. "More importantly, failures don't define who you are."

"Some people measure their life by their secular successes. How high on the corporate ladder they got, how much money they made, did they do better than their high school classmates — if that's the kind of success you are looking for, you're bound to be disappointed. Life has way too much chance and serendipity to be assured fame or fortune. More importantly, if your life is lived for those things, your life will be shallow and unfulfilling," Romney added.

"The real wealth in life is your friendships, your marriage, your children, what you've learned in your work, what you've overcome, your relationship with God and what you've contributed to others," he concluded.

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