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See the Cute Note a Student Sent to the Cops After Doing a ‘Stupid Thing’ at School


"I'm sorry for wasting your time."

Pulling a fire alarm at school might be one of the oldest pranks in the book, but it's also often illegal.

Though a student in the U.K. recently set off the fire alarm, a Metropolitan Police Officer there was impressed with his action afterward.

"Very impressed by the courage & honesty of this young man in relation to setting off a fire alarm at school," Sgt. James Burgess and PC Shawn Ross wrote on Twitter.

This honesty came in the form of an admission letter, which the police also posted.

In the letter, the boy said, "I'm sorry for wasting your time when [you] could have been doing something important like saving someone from getting hurt."

The student admitted that pulling the alarm was a "stupid thing to do and I am truly sorry the adults who care for me feel like they have lost trust in me."

"To make this better I will not listen to people when they encourage me," he finished, likely referencing someone who encouraged him to set off the alarm.

Though this incident happened in the U.K., just to give you some perspective on why pulling the fire alarm as a prank is considered a punishable offense by law, WHSV-TV a few years ago gave some stats from the local Harrisonburg Fire Department in Virginia.

Deputy Chief Ian Bennett told the news station at the time that 98 percent of fire alarm calls were false, some of them just going off unintentionally and others malicious. Even still, Bennett said the fire department has to treat each call as a real emergency, rushing to the scene as fast as possible, which can cost up to $600.

At least in Harrisonburg, Virginia, pulling the fire alarm is a class one misdemeanor, which WHSV reported can come with a $2,500 fine or jail time. Students who pull the fire alarm face penalties as strong as expulsion.

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