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See If You Can Spot the Bizarre Twist in This Latest Islamist Execution Video


"Allah did not make a disease without appointing a remedy to it."

The video showed Jaish al-Islam militants executing rival Islamic State fighters. (Image source: Twitter)

In the latest jihadist snuff film emerging from Syria, a rival to the Islamic State group released images showing its fighters executing Islamic State militants, but in a bizarre twist, the executioners were wearing the orange jumpsuits.

One hallmark of Islamic State videos has been the orange jumpsuits that captives have been forced to wear while being executed by beheading, shooting, being burned alive and most recently by drowning and by explosive neck band.

The video was posted Tuesday by Jaish al-Islam, or the Army of Islam, a coalition of Islamist rebel groups operating in the area of Syria’s capital city, Damascus.

The new video appeared designed not only as a show of strength over the Islamic State, but also a twisted effort to out stunt the group known for its outrageous video productions out of Iraq, Syria and Libya.

The U.K.-based SITE Intelligence Group said that 18 Islamic State fighters dressed in black were shot point-blank in the back of the head.

Arabic speakers noted on Twitter that the Islamic State captives were referred to in the video as "the dogs of hell."

Britain’s Daily Mail reported Wednesday that as the captured Islamic State fighters were kneeling on the ground before the execution squad fired, a commander said, “Allah did not make a disease without appointing a remedy to it.”

“The most serious calamity for our jihad today is a group of people who grow at a time of division among Muslims,” said a Jaish al-Islam fighter.

“This group claimed to be the mother state and made Takfir [accused of apostasy] on other Muslims, shed their blood and looted their properties and dignities,” he said, according to the Daily Mail, in an apparent reference to the Islamic State's brutal treatment of fellow Muslims.

The video was released five days after the Islamic State issued its own video showing the beheading of Jaish al-Islam and Nusra Front fighters in Damascus.

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