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Actor Reveals Moment That Left Him in Awe After Filming Movie That Honors American Veterans


"How has this happened in this country?"

This 2012 photo released by A&E shows, from left, Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Si Robertson and Willie Robertson from the A&E series, "Duck Dynasty." (AP)

The ever-comical Uncle Si Robertson, a popular fixture on "Duck Dynasty," admitted that he's "crazy" and a whole lot of fun, but the reality star also took a patently serious tone in an interview with The Church Boyslast week, discussing the importance of honoring veterans.

Robertson, who appeared on the podcast along with actor Kevin Downes to discuss "Faith of Our Fathers" — a new film that was released on July 1 about the sons of two soldiers who served in Vietnam — stressed the importance of treating soldiers well after war, specifically recalling what it was like for many of the Vietnam-era soldiers who came back to frustration and hostilities at home.

"People got in their face okay and it was bad, okay. They didn't receive the welcome that they deserved ... all they did was they did their job," said Robertson, who also served in the war. "America's the ones that sent them ... they were kids. I was 19. I was still a kid. I wasn't a full grown man, okay, I was a kid. We had ... company commanders that was 21 years old that were sending their kids out to their death."

Downes, who stars in "Faith of Our Fathers," added that his biggest "awe moment" came after something that was said by one of the veterans who attended a red carpet premiere of the movie; the individual said that it was the first time that he felt true appreciation.

"If you asked me what's your biggest awe moment in the last week, that's that," Downes said. "I'm stunned by the fact that — how has this happened in this country?"

Listen to Robertson and Downes discuss this and more below:

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Downes said that he's hoping people take some valuable lessons away from "Faith of Our Fathers," noting that it's "quirky" and unlike other Christian movies, and that he believes people will be able to see God through it.

"It's for people to know if they don't have a physical father here or a father that has checked out that they have a heavenly father that loves them so much that can heal that hurt, and can heal that pain and is longing for a relationship with them," he said. "And to help them bring hope and love into their life, into their heart. That's my one hope through all of it."

Watch the "Faith of Our Fathers" trailer below:

Robertson also delivered a passionate lesson about the Christian gospel during his Church Boys appearance.

"The gospel story — God has become flesh, he left heaven, he came down, he was born of a virgin woman. ... he came from a woman, but he was deity. He came down and died on a cross for what I do wrong," Robertson said. "He had no sin of his own, okay. Number three, they killed him. They put him in a grave ... he rose on the third day, he spent 40 days and 40 nights proving his resurrection from the dead."

He continued, "So, you know, look, he can cover all my sins and he can raise me from the dead. I'm 67 years old. If you have a better story with a better ending, I live in West Monroe .... come see me, because I want to hear it."

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