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After Latest Developments, MSNBC Host Makes Big Admission About Hillary Clinton Email Scandal


"I think so."


The media have seemingly underestimated the significance of Hillary Clinton’s private email scandal so far, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell admitted Monday on “Morning Joe.”

When asked by host Mika Brzezinski if “media analysts and others” have “underestimated the impact of this email situation” on the Clinton campaign, Mitchell replied, “I think so.”

(Credit Andrew Burton/Getty Images) (Credit Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

“Look, you have two inspectors general, and they are referring this to the Justice Department. Now, you can try to confuse and there’s been a lot of misdirection, there’s been inaccurate reporting,” she said. “What they are suggesting is that there were classified — four out of the forty randomly selected [emails] had classified information.”

“And it was not information that was later upgraded to be classified,” she added. “This gets very confusing, and it can be confused further by statements on all sides. That said, the original sin, if you will, is having a private e-mail system.”

Mitchell went on to explain that she was unable to get an explanation from any intelligence officials at a security conference as to why a cabinet secretary would have a private email system “other than to thwart inquiries.”

Watch the segment via MSNBC:

(H/T: Mediaite)


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