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Glenn Beck: Our First Priority Needs to Be Refugees 'Who Are Guaranteed Death


"If we lose the homeland, we lose everything."

Glenn Beck insisted Tuesday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program that the United States needs to prioritize Syrian refugees who are "guaranteed death" if they are not rescued.

"Our first priority needs to be those who are guaranteed death," Beck said.

Beck shared his opinion after describing the story of Evelyn Markus, a lesbian Jewish woman who saw the rise of anti-semitism in Amsterdam and migrated to the United States. Markus' story is the focal point of a new For The Record documentary on TheBlaze TV, "Never Again Is Now," set to air Thursday, Nov. 19.

"[Markus] and her significant other ... were raised by Holocaust survivors," Beck said. "Now their family is dead, and they are living in Amsterdam — where their families were taken."

Beck recounted Markus' statements, describing an "anti-Israeli" and "pro-Palestinian" rally she witnessed not far from her home. According to Markus, the protesters were screaming, "Hamas, Hamas — gas to the Jews."

Markus and her significant other have since migrated to the United States.

"She talks about, 'You don't understand, Americans don't understand, we came here because this is the last place,'" Beck said, sharing Markus' story. "If America doesn't stand — and doesn't stand against this — we're all dead."

Beck said it is "important that we take care of the Jews and the Christians." Additionally, the radio host said that we need to take care of the Muslims, too, but contended that "they're not guaranteed death."

Beck insisted on the importance of allowing only entrants that we know "we can trust here," adding, "If we lose the homeland, we lose everything."

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