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She Left a Frustrated Note on a Stranger's Windshield After the Person Parked in Her Private Spot. What Happened Next Shocked Her.


"The a**hole who parked in your spot!"

A woman was recently surprised to find a car parked in her assigned spot, but rather than call and have it towed, she simply found another place to park on the street.

Unfortunately, she ended up getting a ticket that she couldn't afford for parking without a permit — at least according to information that was shared by an Imgur user.

Clearly annoyed by the situation, the unnamed woman — whose story was shared by a user named Pemu — decided to leave a note expressing her frustrations on the individual's windshield who had parked in her private spot.

It was the result of that note that she couldn't have predicted, though, the Epoch Times reported.

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"Hey Stranger. Because you were parked in my spot last night (and still are??), I got a ticket for street parking overnight w/out a permit," she wrote. "I’m broke. These are privately owned spots, and I could have you ticketed and towed. I won’t, but please don’t park in my spot again."

What happened next was truly surprising, as she received a letter of apology along with $100.

"First I would like to apologize for parking in the spot. It was irresonsible on my part and I would like to give this to you to pay for the ticket and whatever else you need," the note read. [It] can be tough atound this time of year. Merry Christmas."

The letter was signed, "The a**hole who parked in your spot!"

It is unclear where this incident unfolded and whether or not it was staged, but it's most certainly a feel-good story in a world in which such occurrences don't always receive the deserved attention.

(H/T: Epoch Times)


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