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Charles Krauthammer Reveals the Candidate He Thinks Is Most Likely to Win the Republican Nomination


Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer said Friday on the Fox News Channel that he believes it is now a three person race for the Republican 2016 nomination, with Donald Trump most likely to win.

Speaking on “Special Report,” the syndicated columnist used $100 in "casino chips" to illustrate his point.

Image source: Fox News

Krauthammer placed a $40 bet on the chances that Trump would secure the nomination, followed by a $30 bet on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio came in third with $20 and Krauthammer reserved $10 for "wine, women and song."

"Special Report" panelists Steve Hayes and Kirsten Powers also made bets.

Hayes argued that it was a three-way tie for the nomination, placing $30 bets on Trump, Cruz and Rubio. He also placed a $5 bet on N.J. Gov. Chris Christie.

Image source: Fox News

Powers predicted a Trump nomination, betting $40 on the billionaire, $25 on Cruz and $25 on Rubio.

Image source: Fox News

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