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‘What Do I Care About Polls?’: GOP Presidential Hopeful Jim Gilmore Assesses Campaign’s Prospects


"The campaign is going great."

Republican presidential hopeful Jim Gilmore described the progress of his campaign as "great" Friday night, telling TheBlaze he is unfazed by his low poll numbers.

"The campaign is going great," said Gilmore, the former Virginia governor speaking with TheBlaze at the Shade Bar & Grill in Nashua, N.H., Friday evening.

"My goal here is to exceed what people think and to actually put some good ideas out there," he added.

When asked about his low poll numbers, Gilmore had a brazen response: "I don't care."

"You know you asked me the wrong question," he said. "You asked me about polls. What do I care about that? What I care about is getting the ideas out there for the people of New Hampshire then the winning and losing will take care of itself."

"You just wait and see but we are doing really well," Gilmore added. "We are out there talking and begging to reach out to more and more people in New Hampshire and I am really excited about."

The latest poll conducted by Monmouth College and radio station KBUR-AM in Iowa has Gilmore and former Sen. Rick Santorum in last place at less than one-percent.

Gilmore spoke to TheBlaze outside the opening dinner for a town hall the New Hampshire GOP is hosting in Nashua on Saturday.

Organizers initially expressed surprise at Gilmore's appearance at the event before inviting him to the stage to give a brief remarks.

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