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'LGBT Editor' at Think Progress: 'Parents With No Clue About Gender ID ... Are Not Experts on What’s Best for Their Kid\

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A self-described "LGBT Editor" at ThinkProgress has come under fire alongside a senior contributor for the Federalist for a series of tweets Wednesday that instigated a Twitter war regarding parents' rights over their children struggling with LGBT issues.

Zack Ford, the editor of ThinkProgress LGBT, took issue with David Marcus' latest piece published on the Federalist in which Marcus discussed the transgender bill that South Dakota sent this week "to its governor that would require students to use the bathrooms and showers assigned to their birth genders." In this piece, Marcus lauded South Dakota for its bill, saying, "Their representatives have accepted the time-honored definition of gender and defied the transgender mafia. That choice must be celebrated and defended."

In his piece, Marcus also discussed the research of Dr. Kenneth Zucker, a respected sex researcher who had been fired following an investigation into his theories and practices concerning gender dysphoria. Marcus emphasized Zucker's research into childhood gender dysphoria, which Zucker insisted that children could overcome as parents aided in pushing them toward their biologically determined sex.

This was the tweet from Marcus that started it all:

After reading Marcus' article, Ford swiftly responded and expressed his disagreement.

Marcus continued the debate with Ford as the two bounced back and forth.

Other Twitter users jumped in on the debate between Marcus and Ford as they expressed their own opinions concerning Marcus' article and Ford's claims that parents of transgendered children do not know what is best for them.

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