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Why Is This 2014 Video About the End of the World Getting Renewed Attention?


"In today's chaotic and morally confused culture  — politically it's unnerving — people want the anchor."

A years-old video featuring Anne Graham Lotz — daughter of famed evangelist Billy Graham — proclaiming that "human history is winding down" and that "we're living in the last generation" before Jesus' return gained renewed interest this week.

The clip, which was covered in recent days by Christian Today and CNSNews.com, among other outlets, included Lotz citing what she believes are biblical signs that point to an expediting of the so-called end times, also known in Christian circles as the period that precedes the end of the world as we know it.

Speaking of Israel, Lotz said that she believes that the re-emergence of the country in 1948 after its dissolution centuries earlier in 70 A.D. is a fulfillment of prophecy.

"They re-established the nation of Israel and the family of nations in May 1948 and that's significant to me, because I was born in May 1948," she said. "And I believe that's my generation, and Jesus said the generation that sees that take place is the generation that's going to see his return and I believe...if I live out my natural lifetime, I will live to see the return of Jesus Christ to this Earth."

Lotz said that she bases her belief that "we're living in the last generation" before Jesus' return, not on her feelings or hopes, but on the signs that she sees happening in the world today.

Watch her comments, which were first posted online in April 2014, below:

"Jesus said not only the fig tree would begin to blossom and the generation that sees that is the generation that will see his return," she continued, going on to discuss how the gospel has been spreading around the globe since World War II.

All that in mind, she said that no one can know the specific time for certain, but that the generation can be pinpointed.

"Jesus said, 'Nobody knows the day, nobody knows the hour,' but listen to me: you can know the generation," she said. "The world is crumbing and it is unraveling."

While the clip's reemergence was, at first, curious, as outlets did not give many details about when it was filmed and uploaded, Michael W. Chapman, managing editor of CNSNews.com, told TheBlaze that he recently discovered the clip on YouTube and decided to cover it.

As for why the newly edited version has been shared thousands of times at least two years after Lotz's initial message was initially published, Chapman said that he believes people are simply seeking truth in today's chaotic world.

"The Truth of Christ is always attractive, people always hungry for the Truth," he wrote to TheBlaze. "And in today's chaotic and morally confused culture  — politically it's unnerving — people want the anchor."

Chapman continued, "Also, Anne Graham Lotz is a very powerful, compelling speaker — that helps."


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